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Planning a Vacation on a Budget

//Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Every time you open up Instagram or Facebook, it may seem like everyone’s off vacationing to exotic locales. Whether it’s lazing around a Caribbean beach, backpacking across Europe, or exploring Asia’s rich culture, wanderlust is everywhere.

But with so many things to deal with, dropping everything and going off to a vacation may not really be in your cards—or your budget.

But what if we told you there’s a way to travel where you want to on a budget? You just need to put in some planning and think out of the box. Before you know it, your camera roll too will be full of enviable snapshots from your exciting vacation!

Define Your Travel Priorities

Before doing anything else, spell out what your travel priorities are. It could be exploring a new culture, relaxing and taking some time off, trying out new cuisines, visiting a specific location, such as a historic site, or simply learning something new. Defining your priority will help you plan your budget accordingly.

Figure Out a Travel Budget

Going off to travel without a budget in mind can be a recipe for disaster. You may get the cheapest fares, book inexpensive hotels, or visit various attractions for free; you can still end up overspending without even realizing it.

Cheap Last Minute FaresIf you’re really short on budget, then methodically list down everything you’ll have to spend on and allow a budget limit to it. Make sure to leave some wiggle room for additional expenses.

Travel in the Off-Season Months

If your schedule’s not a problem, you can save a ton of money by traveling during the off-season time period. Plus, you’ll also have the extra benefit of less crowded tourist spots and an overall hassle-free experience. A good time to travel is earlier on in the year and in early fall.

Search for Alternatives for Hotels

Instead of staying at expensive hotels, you can save money by searching for alternative accommodations. Hostels, vacation rentals, couch surfing, or staying with friends, all cost less than staying at pricey hotels.

Plan for Shorter Trips

If you’re traveling for exploration or relaxation, booking a weeks-long vacation can cost you. Shorter travel trips offer the same benefits with a reduced cost. You can plan short, closer-to-home trips to stay within your budget.

Look for Cheap Airfare

Airfare ends up taking a large portion of your budget. So getting deals on your tickets can save you a lot of money. Keep an eye out for any airfare ticket deals to the destinations you want and enjoy traveling cheap!

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