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Why Atlas Ticket?

Knowledgable Staff


Atlas Ticket has over 30 years of airline business and international travel experience. Our knowledgable staff will provide you with the expert advice and amazing deals to make your trip a perfect one. Let us turn your dream vacation into a reality!

Ease of Mind

Ease of Mind

There is an aspect of your trip you truly cannot put a price on - peace of mind. When you book a trip with us, it's included. Instead of worrying about something going wrong with your reservations, we'll make sure you can just relax and enjoy your vacation.


Lowest Rates

Your dream destination doesn't need to break the bank. Our knowledge and connections can't be beat. We'll ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to get the lowest possible rates.

Exclusive, Affordable Flight Deals At Atlas Ticket

While booking plane tickets, we all love a good deal that gives us value for our money-and a little extra on the side if we can get it! Cheap airline tickets are hard to find but with Atlas Tickets, it couldn't get any easier! As an airline travel agency based in California, we offer our clients the best of the best with discounted airline tickets to anywhere in the world!

From popular destinations to the destination of your choice, finding affordable flight deals on airline tickets has never been easier! Sift through our travel inventory and find the cheapest flight to anywhere! We offer exclusive deals as part of our negotiations with airlines to help our clients find the booking that suits their budget and travel dates.

From international to domestic, Economy to Business Class, fly with ease and comfort. Book your flight with Atlas Tickets, today!


  • "Atlas Travel truly exceeded my expectations. Their recommendations were outstanding. Everything went perfectly with my trip!"

    - Jay C.

  • "They were leaping to help us! Farah was super professional and considered my unique needs. I recommend them above all others."

    - Erica P.

  • "Thank you for setting up the best vacation we have ever taken. The itinerary you put together was flawless."

    - Thomas S.

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