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Belgium may be known for its chocolates, but that’s not the only thing it offers! If you love waffles, extraordinary architecture, ebullient bazaars, and beer, Brussels has it all and more!

With colorful, animated streets, friendly locals, and modern cafés and restaurants, a trip to Brussels is worth considering.

The Grand Palace

This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site is a masterpiece! The grand palace offers a glimpse into the culture and heritage of Belgium. It’s surrounded by animated cafés and exquisite restaurants, as well as art galleries.

In addition, it’s decorated with a beautiful flower carpet that will leave you in awe.

Belgian Waffles

Waffles are somewhat of a delicacy in Belgium. They can be found anywhere in the country, but Brussels is where you really get a bang for your buck!

In fact, when roaming the streets, you’re bound to come across the scent of freshly-made waffles. Even if you don’t have a sweet-tooth, Belgian waffles are so good, they’ll leave you wanting more.

The best waffle house in Brussels is Maison Dandoy, which offers an exquisite range of “gaufres.”

Comic Book Streets

Every street in Brussels is a sight to see. This is because the walls of the buildings are painted with comic book characters. Every street has different characters and you’ll get lost in the wonderful graffiti and artwork of local talents.

From the Smurfs to TinTin and even Spongebob, the streets are brimming with artwork! Belgian comics are called “bandes dessinées” and are actually a huge part of the culture.

There are dedicated shops for Belgian comics that are worth checking out. In addition, some areas also have beautiful murals. So if you’re into art, you’ll have a great time roaming the streets of Brussels!

A Delicious, Rich Cuisine

If waffles didn’t convince you, you’re also in for a feast!

Belgium may not be known for its gastronomy like France is, but that doesn’t mean its cuisine is dull in comparison. If you love rich flavors and delicious street foods, then you’ll love the Belgian dishes this convivial city has to offer!

Belgian fries are similar to poutine and pizza fries but a whole lot better. There are tons of flavors and options. So you’ll get to experience something new with every bite.

And if you’re a huge fan of seafood, the city also has another delicacy: mussels-frites. The cooked mussels come with a steamy vegetable broth. Simply delicious.

Other delicacies to try out include shrimp croquettes, speculaas (national Belgian cookies), and waterzooi (fish/chicken stew).

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