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Canada; the land of maple syrup, freezing cold weather, Justin Trudeau, and ice hockey.

But there’s so much more that this beautiful country has to offer. From beautiful national parks to majestic mountains, and of course, poutine, if you’re planning a trip, you’ve made the right choice!

Here are a few things you should look forward to when booking a trip to the land of mighty beavers and polar bears:

Mountain Biking Magic

One thing the beautiful country isn’t short on is a whole host of incredible landscapes and scenery. So, if you’re heading to British Columbia, make sure to rent a mountain bike!

If you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, the towns of Sooke and Campbell River are worth visiting. These are two of the major hubs for sports enthusiasts in Vancouver Island.

Don’t worry, it’s all safe and secure! There are trails everywhere to make everything stress-free for you.

Explore the Wonders of French Architecture In Quebec

Je suis amoureux! If you absolutely adore Medieval architecture, then pay a visit to Old Town in Quebec. If you have an eye for French structures, then you’re in for a feast. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage because it’s home to priceless monuments.

It’s like you’re in a French fairytale—it’s simply breathtaking!

Niagara Falls

Of course. Who can forget the beauty of Niagara Falls? After all, it’s one of the most famous tourist spots in the world!

There’s no arguing that the best views of the Falls are from the Canadian side. The drive to the Falls from Toronto is 90 minutes. You’ll come across plenty of vineyards and restaurants on your way. There are tons of shops, cafés, and restaurants near Niagara Falls.

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get a sambo—free ice cream cones!

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