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Known as the heart of South Asia, Iran is an incredible destination that’s surrounded by beautiful landscapes and a rich culture. Its recorded history spans 7000 years and the culture dates back to the Bronze Age.

But more than that, it offers an unforgettable adventure for every traveler in a unique and distinctive way. It’s not uncommon for travelers to vow to return for another holiday trip.

If you’re planning a vacation, don’t miss out on these spots:

Visit Nature Bridge In Tehran

Also known as ‘Tabiat Bridge,’ The Nature Bridge is a must-visit if you want to take a walk while being surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature.

It’s best visited during the evening when the city lights up. You can get a glimpse of the mighty northern mountains and the stunning flora of Tehran.

Explore The Golestan Palace In Tehran

Golestan Palace is one of the oldest monuments in modern-day Iran. It was built during the reign of the Safavid Dynasty and later on, became the property of the Qajar Dynasty. In 1865, it was renovated to its current layout and design by Haji Ab ol Hasan Mimar Navai.  It then became the official venue for royal receptions during the Pahlavi era.

The palace itself is made from marble and the interior is a mix of marble, wood, glass, and ivory.

Some of the places worth visiting include:

  • Diamond Hall (Talar-e-Almas)
  • Salam Hall (Talar-e-Salam)
  • Building Of Windcatchers (Emarat-e-Badgir)
  • Edifice Of The Sun (Shams ol Emareh)
  • Ivory Hall (Talar-e-Adj)
  • Containers Hall (Talar-e-Zoruf)


The tile work and mosaics will make you fall madly in love with the palace!

Sour Fruits in Darband

If you want to skip the shisha/hookah in Darband, you can go for sour fruit sampling instead! If you love fruits, you’ll love what Iran has to offer!

This is a delicacy in Darband, and you’ll find a lot of shops offering sour fruits. But that’s not all this small northern village has to offer. There are plenty of cafés for chai (tea) and an opportunity for an adventure if you’re into hiking!

Vakil Bazaar in Shiraz

Wander the grand market of Shiraz and mingle with the locals to learn about their culture. Located in the center of Shiraz, the market has been there for decades. In fact, it’s an important part of Iranian history!

You’ll find handcrafted items, rugs, spices, fruits, and vegetables. It’s an experience unlike any other and it’s also a great opportunity to learn Farsi—the mother tongue of Iran.

A Trip to Persepolis

They say that if you haven’t visited Persepolis, you haven’t seen the best of Iran!

The site was created by King Darius in 518 B.C. and is one of the oldest monuments in Iran. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage that’s worth visiting. You’ll get a glimpse of history and learn about the ancient Persian Empire.

It’s a day trip from Shiraz.

Stargazing At Verzaneh Desert

This romantic desert is on every traveler’s list because of the clear view of thousands of stars in the night sky. You can join the locals for a party or just camp solo if you’re staying overnight.

It’s 1.5 hours away from Isfahan and there are plenty of desert tours available!

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