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Exclusive New Year celebrations, red lanterns, chopsticks, and the Beijing National Stadium—these are just a few things you think of when somebody mentions China. But there’s so much more to the country!

On your trip to China, make sure you do the following things:

Trek on the Great Wall

What’s a visit to China if you don’t get to see the Great Wall? One of the Wonders of the World, this has attracted thousands of visitors ever since its construction and is a must-visit place on every itinerary.

Expanding to about 21,196.18 kilometers, the Great Wall was built over a period of 2,000 years! No wonder it remains to be unparalleled and is a Heritage Site like no other. Spanning over 15 provinces, the wall turns and twists along the vast topography of China. You don’t want to miss out trekking on this great landscape!

Visit a Panda Sanctuary

The beloved animal made popular by WWF can be found in China in sanctuaries and reservations. A favorite amongst locals and foreigners alike, the great panda is at risk of extinction and special efforts are taken to keep their species well and alive.

Your trip to China will present you with quite a few chances to see these loveable creatures up close. Forget about the zoos, Chengdu is the place to be if you want to find a panda population.

The Chengdu Panda Center is the most established site, and is located just the north of the main city. Two hours away is the Bifengxia Panda Base where you can see the pandas in their natural habitat. The Dujiangyan Panda Valley is another popular spot where you can even sign up for a volunteer program and help the pandas.

Savor the Chinese Cuisine

After having eaten at multiple Chinatowns across the world, it’s time to try food in China itself. There’re over 48 basic cooking techniques that are used by the Chinese to prepare absolutely flavorful meals. The wealth of ingredients incorporated in these dishes make them stand out even more, giving you that authentic Chinese flavor you’ve been craving.

The local specialties are amongst the top dishes in Chinese cuisine. With approximately 8 regional cooking styles, you’re in for a treat no matter what part of China you’re in.

If you’re lucky, you can even learn how to make these simple yet mouth-watering dishes from an expert and recreate them once you’re back home!

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