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Etiquettes for Flying First Class

//Etiquettes for Flying First Class

Etiquettes for Flying First Class

While flying first class might seem like too much of a deal to happen to regular people, it’s not entirely an otherworldly phenomenon happening only to those with loads ofmoney.

As it turns out, most people who do end up flying first class don’t really pay the full price. They either get there through upgrading from business (most airlines upgrade you automatically if you’re paying the full price for business), or are benefiting from exclusive discounts, or—collective gasp!—they get lucky and are offered a seat in the first class because the business/standard coaches are full.

It’s important to note that many people do pay for a first-class airfare—which costs anywhere around $25,000. These people are looking for over-the-top luxury offerings.

If you’re flying first class, you’re going to be seated in a first-class lounge. Here are some etiquettes to keep in mind:

Politeness toward Concierge

You’re likely to be assigned a specific concierge who will help you with checking in. These are well-trained personnel whose only object is to facilitate you throughout the flight. Show them respect and don’t come off as too demanding.

On Time

Book Flight TicketsDon’t show up late for boarding; punctuality tells a lot about your person and might even affect the manner in which other passengers behave toward you later. Always keep in mind that since the first class is also the first to board, a delay caused by you means you’re also causing a delay in the business and economy arrangements, and are actually holding off the entirety of the flight’s arrangements.


When leaving, express your gratitude and leave a positive feedback with your host.

Don’t Binge

While you will have a free range on the beverages and will be offered a number of free drinks on the way, be mindful of not getting drunk. An intoxicated passenger is a danger to all others, not to mention it makes you irritable.

Be Mindful of Other People’s Privacy

The first class is a quiet affair. If a person is not interested in conversing with you, leave them be. If you do run into a celebrity, do not pester them unless they seem willing enough on their own. Keep the noise and disturbance to a bare minimum.

When Engaging in Conversation


When you do end up making conversation with people, be very careful about what you’re saying. Be especially mindful of not asking personal questions or coming off as politically incorrect.

The Food

Order with care, and just because you’re getting gourmet food doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look into what is being served. If you’re allergic to an item or have any special requirements, voice them. Compliment the chef.

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