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Why First Class is an Expensive Affair

//Why First Class is an Expensive Affair

Why First Class is an Expensive Affair

It’s no secret that coach is the cheapest option for people flying—also the least comfortable option. Business Class is considerably better, and at the end of a very expensive line is First Class.

While the difference between a First Class air ticket and an Economy ticket in domestic flights is not much (twice or maybe thrice as expensive), flying First Class internationally is a truly expensive affair. These flights tend to be anywhere between 15 to 70% more expensive than international economy flights.

And for good reason.

The Perks and the Pampering

The major reason behind the pricy reputation of First Class is not its convenient leg room, but the additional perks that come with flying first.

First Class is more of a luxury hotel in the air, and it’s for these perks which customers end up paying for. There are free drinks to be had and the staff treats you like a V.I.P. the food is Michelin star worthy and there’s Wi-Fi to match.

Comfortable Flying Options

Some of the biggest perks that come with flying First Class include:

  • Fancy food prepared by professional chefs—caviar and some of the world’s finest wine is a given
  • A flat bed and comfortable bedding, accompanied by a pleasant dose of sleep. Some airlines even have pajamas as part of their service
  • In-flight showers
  • Gift bags loaded with expensive goodies

Flight Attendants at the Ready

Since there are a handful of travelers that fly First Class, flight attendants have less people to attend to and take no time in catering to your needs. There is no long wait as is to be found in economy.

Perks Outside the Plane

It isn’t just on the aircraft that you’re treated like a V.I.P. First Class lounges at the airport are exclusive and stunning. You also receive special access to these lounges and do not have to wait in queues.

Drinks are available, and travelers even have the option of showering after landing. The more outrageous lounges have free manicures and pedicures for guests.

But is it Worth It?

Many people are bound to think—and rightly so—at the high prices which come with the perks. While the prices are definitely high, in truth, anyone hardly ever pays the full designated price for their seats.

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Discounts are easy to come by and the airlines often offer promotions on the side, which compensate for the hefty amount being spent. Mostly it is people flying on account of their businesses that fly First Class and readily receive discounts. Then there are those who simply book Business and have it upgraded to First Class.

But it’s not just the luxury that people flying first class are paying for. Most people find themselves paying for the time they are putting into flying first class: with the exclusive lounge comes minimal or no jet lag, and a relaxing flying experience.

Business people find it easier to devote their flying hours to get productive work done, and people with meetings and conferences to attend are energized when they disembark.

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