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The Difference between Economy, Business, and First Class Seats

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The Difference between Economy, Business, and First Class Seats

For most people, getting from one destination to another means flying coach—better known as economy, or even standard. However, once people have gotten into the hang of flying and have had a few trips from one place to another, they understand the differences between cabins and begin making decision with more consideration.

This is especially in the case of people who prefer comfort over cheap flying options, and are more eager than others to upgrade to a more luxurious cabin.

The Pricing

Of course, the major difference between the three cabins is pricing. And with a bigger price comes a more luxurious seating option. In this case, it would be utterly wrong to say that a bigger price brings with it “better” flying options since the idea of what is best varies subjectively from person to person.

For some, saving and getting a cheaper ticket might be better while for others the “better” option entails a seating option which has extra luxuries to offer.

To get to know how the differences work in a better sense, here’s what you need to consider:

  • The pricing
  • The perks and luxuries being offered
  • The airline
  • The nature of the flight—long haul and short, domestic and international


The most used seating option, economy is a seat—that’s about it. There is of course the aisle seat which offers generous legroom and the window seats are generally less suffocating since you have to sit beside only one person.


Depending on the airline and the nature of the flight, you might receive a few perks such as a TV screen and Wi-Fi. Plainly speaking, economy is the cheapest and the least luxurious option available. There are more people and hence the flight attendants take more time in addressing or catering to your needs. But hey, if it gets you from one point to another in a cost-effective manner, what’s the big deal?


Some airlines also have the option of going Premium Economy, with the tickets being a little pricier but the legroom being a few inches more—which can make a big difference in terms of comfort and post-flight jet lag.

The service is almost the same as economy, but with a few additional perks—such as a bigger TV screen, wider seats, and more baggage space.


Very popular among people who have to fly frequently, especially for meetings, business is a far more luxurious option when compared to economy. It’s on a whole different level, in fact. Many airlines have realized the value of business and their popularity with flyers so much so that they are replacing their first class entirely with business.

United, Sun Country, and many others have taken to the initiative. Even the giant Qatar seems to be having similar ideas.

The reason is the quality of everything with business: better food, better cutlery, flat beds, and wide seats. It’s a luxury affair and reduces much of the jet lag which comes later.

First Class

In addition to being the most expensive option on the list, this is also the option for which flyers are least likely to pay the full amount. Most people upgrade from business or avail discounts given to companies.

Flight Deals

It’s mostly celebrities and those with seemingly endless amounts of money who opt for this extravagant option. Costing between 5 to 20 times more than a standard economy fare, first class is filled to the brim with luxury.

There are perks, too: privacy and VIP treatment, food prepared by Michelin star chefs, even in-flight showers. There are exclusive lounges at airports, no waiting in queues, and no waiting for bags either!

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