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Saving Money with a One-Way Flight

//Saving Money with a One-Way Flight

Saving Money with a One-Way Flight

For many, booking flights to a destination means two things:

The first is the trip itself being a there-and-back-again affair. For most people a trip—unless you’re moving—means that you go somewhere, spend some time there, and return. In Stephen King’s words, it’s a wham, bam, and thank you ma’am affair.

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The second is that it’s going to cost them quite a lot of money. Data shows that after adjusting air fares for inflation in the most recent times, average air fare in the U.S. is some $349.17. Of course, it’s a pricy affair, and most people are reluctant to admit otherwise.

Round Trip versus One Way

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in the domestic circles, a round trip fare costs somewhere around $413, whereas one-way tickets cost around $253. Since most people do the math and come to a conclusion that one-way tickets both ways would cost them over $500, they stick to what seems like the cheaper option: round trip. And it’s all well and good. . . unless we tell you that you can actually save money with a one-way flight too!

Why People Prefer Round Trips

In addition to appearing cheaper, they’re also easier to book. One click and a two-way ticket is booked. It’s easier. Faster. But what people miss out on when going the east route is exploring all the options available to them.

But where round trip flights look like they’re the most cost-effective option, looks might be deceiving. What if we told you that one-way tickets can cost less than a round trip ticket, in addition to getting you to your destination faster?

A Split Ticket

This is a neat trick known to frequent travelers, who often end up saving on their flying costs. Flyers will compare connecting flights from different airports and airlines, and work out a more cost-effective flying route, with a bunch of stops.

Book Last Minute Flights

So you won’t have to, let’s say, fly directly from Frankfurt in Germany to Toronto in Canada. You can get there cheap by making a stop in the JFK Airport in New York, with a connecting flight.


Multi-destination means multiple bookings, and you might have to face the issue of backtracking if you’re looking for a round trip flight from whatever your last destination might be. Working out a pathway that includes different cities and a combination of flight connections is not only cheaper in this case but also more efficient in getting you from one place to another.

This works exceptionally well in the event that you are flying to a third world destination, where you can book flights on local airlines for much cheaper than on your regular international airlines.

Throwaway Ticketing

Another trick known to travel enthusiasts, many flyers work out that at times, a flight from destination A-B-C is far cheaper than a trip from destination A to B.

Affordable One Way Flying

They thus end up booking the A-B-C connection, and get off at B—thereby throwing away their last destination. However, don’t do this on a round trip flight, as your reservation will probably be canceled by the airline. What you can do instead is make two separate reservations.

Ready to Book a One-Way Ticket?

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