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Want to Fly First Class? It’ll be Worth Every Penny

//Want to Fly First Class? It’ll be Worth Every Penny

Want to Fly First Class? It’ll be Worth Every Penny

Every once in a while, someone gets the chance of flying in the pinnacle of luxury, lathered in lusciousness and lavish extravagance, over 20,000 ft in the air. First class is a dream come true for many people, with many either having their business class seat upgrade to first class to many people actually saving up to fly first class.

And while many might wonder at the people who save over $20,000 just in order to fly first class, there’s something of the traveler’s spirit missing in them.

There’s a reason people prefer flying first class—and no matter how many pennies (or pounds!) it requires it’s always worth it in the end.

Travelers and Frequent Flyers Galore

For people who are habitual to flying or who are struck by a case of incurable wanderlust, flying first class is the same as wanting to make the flying part a part of their travel experience. In many senses, flying first class does not much feel like flying at all. It’s like being seated in a five star hotel in the clouds, being pampered and waited on by attendants whose only object is to make you comfortable. Compared to this grandiloquence flying economy is about reaching one place from another, with many complications attached to the procedure—such as long queues, waiting, lesser legroom, etc.

Faster and Better

Many people who fly first do so in order to benefit from the minimal hassles it accords. There is no waiting on airports and you get an attendant to answer you almost immediately since there are fewer people on board. In fact among the many people who have to fly frequently (such as motivational speakers, with seminar after seminar lined up in a number of cities in close succession.

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For such a profession you cannot afford jet lag or being drained of energy—and the first class coach offers just this by being an energizing mid-point for many people. You can sleep with your legs outstretched and on a flatbed with ease, and wake up completely rejuvenated.

No Stress

Flying can be cumbersome and have a toll on the nerves at times. The economy coach, for instance, is crammed with people and is noisy to the brim. There is much pushing and struggling, and it is overall a stressful, exhausting experience. If you’re one of those who prefer spending money on comfort, then the first class is built for you. It is designed with the sole purpose of comfort to passengers in mind.

This comes in especially handy for people looking to out in the precious flying hours to work, which is a virtual impossibility in coach—what with all the bawling babies and chatter. First class is a calmer, much more serene space—not because the people are any less bawdy, but because there are fewer people present.

It Saves Time

For those who value time over money, first class is a life saver. You can afford to get to the airport later and not sweat about it since the status comes with a security line that is faster. You will also be boarding first, and you’ll also be getting off the plane first, which means that you can get to your destination as fast as possible. You won’t have to wait for your bags either since they’ll roll down the belt first of all.

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Yes, the service is pricy, but it is also top-notch and full of perks!

The Added Perks

It would be a crime not to mention the additional perks which make first class the big deal that it is: the free champagne, the abundant legroom, the complementary drinks, the Michelin Star three course meals, the in-flight showers, and the exclusive lounge at the airport which allows you to relax as if you were in a hotel room. There are many “free” things to be had—from drinks to goodies to even pajamas at times—and the attendants take special care to treat you like an emperor!

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