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Flying Economy is Actually Pretty Great!

//Flying Economy is Actually Pretty Great!

Flying Economy is Actually Pretty Great!

Economy. . . . the lot of the poor, right?

Think again. What if we told you that Brad Pitt, Jackie Chan, and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted flying economy? And it’s just not A-listers who are so often spotted in coach—the Duke and Duchess of Wales themselves have been sighted in the economy coach from time to time.

When even Royals fly economy at times, you’re forced to question yourself: is it really that bad?

And the answer is in the negative. Because flying economy—contrary to popular consumerist opinion—is actually pretty great.

And this blog will tell you why.

The Company

A popular witticism says that you should go to heaven for the environment, hell for the company. You can differentiate between the business/first and economy classes in exactly this manner: first class is heaven because of its lavish and luxurious environment, economy makes for one hell of a company. As has been mentioned, you can come across many celebrities in the economy coach at any given day. But that’s not all. Many public personalities who aren’t exactly billionaires (such as poets and songwriters) can be seen in an economy coach too. You’ll have a diverse pool of people sitting all around you, ranging from businessmen to housewives. There’ll be greater chance of making conversation (great for you if you’re a talker!) since the company in first mostly wishes to be left to their own devices.

And in the event that socializing is just not your thing, you can always slip on headphones and doze off!

You Have More Chance of Being Safe

If you’re a fan of the Final Destination franchise you will want to sit in a coach where it’s as safe as you can get. And regardless of how luxurious the point end coaches might be, it’s in economy that your safest bet lies. Several studies back the claim that the rear end is in fact the safest part of the plane. 69% of the people seated in economy have a chance of survival, over the 49% of those sitting in the more luxurious compartments.

Flying economy then isn’t always about flying cheap –at times it is about flying safe.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Of course since you’re on a plane carbon emission is hardly out of the way, and since there is little scientific innovation to support an airplane that does not run on fuel, you’ll have to settle for regular engines. But there are things which can certainly be done given that you’re of an environment-friendly sensibility and prefer green living over wastage of resources. Well, flying economy has all the answers. One, it uses up fewer resources. Since a huge number of people are all seated in the same space, economy costs lesser on the carbon. No exotic edibles mean lesser adverse environmental impact, as well.


Well, duh. This is probably why most of the people fly economy: because it’s so budget friendly. It’s in fact a better substitute to traveling via train, and the lack of luxury is made by the swiftness in travel.

If You’re Not Used to It, You’re Never Used to it

Once you fly business, they say, you’ll never want to fly economy again. And what if you have to? What if your business flight sponsored by your company was a one-time affair and now that you have to travel on your own budget you find it harrowing to travel in economy?

Last-Minute Bookings

It’s always a good idea to acclimatize to coach, even if you’re traveling business most of the time.

Looking for a Last-Minute Booking?

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