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Business Class Air Tickets at Affordable Rates

We have all dreamt of traveling in style and comfort in business class. But before you make that awkward shuffle from business class to economy, the tantalizing and spacious cabins of business class seem to beckon you—and with good reason, too!

Traveling in business class, fortunately, is not just for those who can afford it! With the right deals on airfare that we, at Atlas Tickets provide, the cushy comforts of the business class cabin can be yours too!

Here’s an end to the wishful thinking. With Atlas Tickets, you can make all your business class travel dreams come true! While a popular misconception presumes that business class airfare is expensive, we’ll let you in on a little secret: they’re not! When booked at the right place and at the right time, business class tickets can come at affordable rates and airfares. What’s more is that they cost little more than the average unrestricted economy class ticket!

Atlas Tickets is an online air ticket wholesaler that negotiates with airlines to offer huge discounts and affordable airfares for business class travel. Whether you’re looking for affordable business class airfares with direct flights or with a connecting one, Atlas Tickets offers it all! With just a few clicks, you can now book a seat in the cabin of your travel dreams—at the price you’d like to pay!

Flying business class comes with its fair share of advantages. With Atlas Tickets, you can receive a priority check-in with additional baggage allowance, among the perks that are offered with your business class air ticket. Relax in the premium, private lounge as you wait to board your flight, with concierge services at your disposal. Fly business class with comfortable seating, private sleeping areas, shower facilities and exclusive meals in-flight and much more!

What are you waiting for? Make your business class travel dream turn into a reality with our affordable airfares. Book now!

Why Atlas Ticket?


Atlas Ticket has over 30 years of airline business and international travel experience. Our knowledgable staff will provide you with the expert advice and amazing deals to make your trip a perfect one. Let us turn your dream vacation into a reality!

Ease of Mind

There is an aspect of your trip you truly cannot put a price on – peace of mind. When you book a trip with us, it’s included. Instead of worrying about something going wrong with your reservations, we’ll make sure you can just relax and enjoy your vacation.

Lowest Rates

Your dream destination doesn’t need to break the bank. Our knowledge and connections can’t be beat. We’ll ensure you take advantage of every opportunity to get the lowest possible rates.


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