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Is It Possible To Book Cheap Flights Last Minute?

Let’s admit it: we all love a good bargain on air fares when we can find one, but is it really possible to find one on last minute air travel? The answer is: with the right place and at the right time, it is!

Even though it’s somewhat of a gamble to leave booking your ticket at the last minute, charter carriers do end up reducing their prices close to the date of departure as they follow a model that aims for 100% seat occupancy with their flights.

As a rule of thumb, there are always both, good and bad times to book last minute flights. You’re more likely to secure a cheap flight fare during midweek departures, such as Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On the other hand, school holidays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the worst times to look for cheap flights.

In addition to that, some of the cheapest last minute flights can be booked from November through December, until Christmas time and from January all the way to Easter. If you’re looking for cheap last minute flights, you may be able to find exceptional deals on flights that go to the Greek islands, Spain, Malta, Turkey and Cyprus. Some long-haul destinations may also be up for grabs at cheap fares, such as Orlando, Florida and the Caribbean islands.

You may also find cheap last minute air fares to cities that lie beyond the major European destinations of Paris, Milan and Frankfurt.

Securing cheap last minute flights to other popular long-haul destinations may be difficult to book, since their seats often sell out well before the departure dates. These destinations include New York, Sydney, Dubai and Bangkok.

As an online ticket wholesaler, Atlas Tickets is able to secure for its customers cheap last minute flights to some of the most popular destinations. Sift through our wide array of options to book a last minute cheap flight to the destination of your choice!


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